Service Questions

What areas do you service?
We service locations throughout the state of California.
What constitutes Red Bag Waste?
Red Bag waste comprises of any material that has been saturated with Blood or other potentially infectious fluids, i.e. blood saturated items, bags and tubing containing blood products, hemodialysis items, etc.
What do I need to have in order to have Hazardous waste pickup?
Generators of hazardous waste (not Medical waste), must have an EPA ID number from the DTSC. A temporary ID number can be issued if you do not have one. The hazardous waste you have will then need to be profiled before it can be cleared for pickup by one of our technicians. This is normally not an item that can be done next day, please expect a 5-7 business day wait time for clearance.
How long is your contract?
Since customer service and satisfaction are our main priorities, we like to tailor our agreements to meet each client’s specific needs.
How often do I need to be picked up?
Although laws differ from state to state, most offices will require a pickup once per month or once per week depending on waste generation volumes. Our compliance experts are standing by to assist you with any questions.
Would I be charged if there is no waste to be picked up?
Yes, there will be a charge for all scheduled stops. We are contractually obliged to service your location at the frequency that was requested during account setup. In order to ensure our clients stay in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, we are sure to stick to our schedule.
Can I put my loose syringes in the bio hazard container you bring?
No you may not. The proper and legal way to dispose of sharps is by putting them in their own approved sharps container. You can get these sharps containers from a variety of providers. Once the sharps container is full you may put that in the bio hazard bin. Placing sharps directly into the biohazard container creates a health risk and will require repackaging upon removal which can cost up to $100 per container.
If I call for an extra pick up can I cancel my next one?
Yes, you can but there will be charge for the additional pick up per the contracted rate. By canceling future pickups you can also put your facility out of compliance; therefore we suggest you utilize additional pickups as an interim solution and maintain your scheduled service thereafter. We suggest possibly changing your frequency, or if space permits adding an extra container. Both can easily be done by just calling 800-973-4430.

Billing Questions

What payment options does Superior Medical Waste accept?
We accept all forms of payments including checks, check by phone, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER cards. Call our customer friendly billing department today to process your payments at 800-973-4430.

Can I get my manifests for the last year of pickups?
Yes, our team of customer service representatives is standing by to assist you with copies of your manifests. Simply call us at 800-973-4430 and ask any one of our friendly customer service representatives to assist you. You can also send this request by email.
Can I make payments online?
Currently we do not accept payments online for the security and privacy of our clients. However, you can make a payment over the phone by calling our billing department at 800-973-4430. For your convenience, you can also download our credit card authorization form here and submit a payment by faxing the form to 800-595-3409 or scanning and emailing the form.

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